Methods of validating a questionnaire

The responses to the questionnaire are on a Likert scale; can anyone suggest any further tests to apply to help test its validity.I am not an expert on statistics so any help would be appreciated.I have been doing some research and it appears I can do a Rasch analysis has anyone got any free software sites to apply this test and advice?I will assume that your questionnaire is to be considered as one unidimensional scale (otherwise, Cronbach's alpha doesn't make very much sense).It is worth running an exploratory factor analysis to check for that.It will also allow you to see how items relate to the scale (i.e., through their loadings).While Google’s translation is a quick tool to get the gist of text in a foreign language, don’t rely on it for translating.Below are the SUPR-Q items originally written in English and translated into French, along with the anchor labels to the response options for most of the items (strongly disagree to strongly agree).2.

Depending on the specific situation for the questionnaire, the creators may choose to use one or many of the various validation methods.Questionnaire validation is a process in which the creators review the questionnaire to determine whether the questionnaire measures what it was designed to measure.If a questionnaire's validation succeeds, the creators label the questionnaire as a valid questionnaire.This form of validation ensures the accuracy of the questionnaire by detecting whether subjects' answers on the questionnaire can predict certain aspects or behaviors of the subjects.For example, if the questionnaire attempts to evaluate potential students for a prestigious school, the answers on the questionnaire that are "desirable" should be those of successful students.

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