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This paper covers recovery principles specific to SEMOpx , as the designated NEMO for the I-SEM as well as a review of the revenue recovery principles that underpin SEMO, as the market operator.

Responses to this consultation paper are invited from interested parties up to COB 16th May 2017.

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Cape Girardeau is in this path and will experience totality (darkness as the moon passes in front of the sun) for one minute and 45 seconds starting at PM (CDT). August 21 will be the first day of fall semester classes, though classes are canceled from to that students, faculty and staff can experience the total solar eclipse.The SEclipse committee has planned a full-day of activities beginning at a.m.The Regulatory Authorities have today, 5th July 2017, published a Decision Paper on the revenue recovery principles for SEMO and the designated NEMO (SEMOpx) from I-SEM go-live.This paper outlines decisions made in relation to the recovery principles specific to the price control for SEMOpx, as the designated NEMO for the I-SEM.

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