Wpkg xml not updating

You should also share this folder, as you will need to access it over the network. It first looks through the various XML configuration files, and then runs any required commands to install, upgrade or remove software from your client systems. A profile basically contains a list of software packages that will be installed on the remote system. For example, you could assign all hosts that belong to accounting to the finance profile.

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Project Description : English : Wsus Package Publisher allows you to publish your own updates as MSI, MSP or EXE files.

The great thing about WPKG is that it doesn’t require any infrastructure other than an SMB network share, oh, and it’s free!

To follow this introductory tutorial to WPKG, head over to the download page to get the latest version of WPKG, unzip the file and copy hosts.xml, packages.xml, and to C:\WPKG or a location of your choice.

With this application you can: - Publish - Approve - Delete - Review ... You can also generate reports to track the status of installation of updates.

You can even find computers that are in AD but not in Wsus.

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